5 Best Toddler Snow Boots (Reviews & FAQs) : New For The Season!

The mom in you wants the best toddler snow boots for her munchkin. Although you are scared that biting chilly cold may turn spoil spot but still your excitement is at its peak! Therefore, we would like to give you a sneak peek at 5 exclusive varieties of snow boots that will keep the feet warm and dry of your munchkin


Zip-front boot featuring 420D nylon upper with 200g Thermolite insulation that provides -25 F rating


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  • warm and waterproof in nature.
  • are flexible in nature
  • stops snow or water from entering into the top or opening(s) of the boot
  • that can afford traction for walking
  • easy to put on and take off
  •     warm and waterproof in nature

 As a mother, you would never want your child to undergo the displeasure of leaky boots. So, it is a must that you must purchase snow boots what are warm and can withstand the bizarre nature of weather. Please ensure that the bottom of the shoes has to be composed of rubber .

  • Are flexible in nature

Boots must share affection with shoes.  Buy a slightly larger size as your tiny tot is going to team up with his or her favourite pair of socks.

  • that stops snowor water flow

Toddler snow boots must be unaffected to water, salt and grit to enhance winter durability. snow boots that are embedded with a soft cushy lining would make an awesome purchase. The ingredients used will kick moisture away while keeping the feet of your kiddo absolutely dry.

  • that can afford traction for walking

Waterproofing, warmth and traction make for great snow boots. It is mandatory to purchase a toddler snow boo which has soles with grooves. This  will not only ensure safety  but also enable the toddler to stay straight on surfaces which are slippery in nature.

  • easy on, easy off

Look for toddler snow boots which expose remarkable sole-grips and easy-up boot handles, which help foster the independence of your child.




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Non-Slip Sole
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Northside Icicle Snow Boot blends simplicity,comfort and a wide range of varieties. It is designed for cold-weather fun. The north-side toddler boys snow boot is equipped with excellent features to ensure all-weather protection and a comfortable layer of insulation. Northside is always keeping families on the go, whether it is rugged sandals or cold weather boots. The products are made to withstand any challenge thrown at it by today’s active families. It is available in the latest styles, colors, and materials. These snow boots for kids come with flattening silhouettes with great features such as traction soles, toe guards, quick-draw lacing. The north-side icicle toddler snow boots for toddler boys is equipped with excellent features, making it the envy of other brands.





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Rubber sole-


KidsWiki is of the potential customers, for the potential customers and by the potential customers. Our mission is to simplify the purchasing decisions so that the buyers don’t face any hassle while making online purchase. We know how mothers are always ready and excited to go an extra mile to seal any fascinating yet beneficial deal for her kids. Our devoted team of professioals at KidsWiki spend numerous hours in researching, analyzing and testing products to make them available for the consumers. While keeping in mind that what do parents especially moms look for before buying snow boots for the toddlers, each and every teammember ensure that all the factors such as whether the boots are water resistant or not, provide enough comfort or not, are breathable or not and above all available in variety or not etc. to tempt the kid are well-thought-out and rate them accordingly. We at  KidsWiki takes pride in telling that we aim at building long lasting ties with our buyers. We remain in constant touch with the manufacturing team of the Northside Kid’s Icicle Winter Snow Boot to ensure that all the ingredients which are requisite to manufacture the toddler’s delight.

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Snow Boots For Toddlers – An Ultimate Buying Guide

Selecting the right toddler snow boots for your toddler boys is very important. You would want your kid’s feet to be warm and dry, but also you want a snow boot that can be easily put on and pulled off especially when you expect your kids to wear the boots and remove them by themselves. It is not really difficult to find boots your kids will love. before you begin buying your toddler snow boots this winter you will want to go over some considerations. We will review some of these considerations.

Water Proofing: Waterproofing and water-resistance are different things. Water-resistance will keep a lighter boot dry in a light snowfall or drizzle but it can’t withstand heavy snowfall and puddles and also walking through sidewalks that have not been shoveled yet. To ensure your kid’s boots is completely waterproof, find inner liners and tight seams that won’t allow water to penetrate through the laces after it has been closed.

Insulation: The first areas of the body to get cold are his little toes. And its the first to suffer frostbite after being exposed to colder temperatures. Be willing to choose a toddler boys snow boot that is well insulated for warmth.

Breathable: Even though you wouldn’t want moisture to get in, you will always want moisture to get out. Damp sweaty feet will make the toddler boys snow boots begin to smell after a few wears.

Proper Height: Choose boots with the minimum height for snow boots which should be about halfway up the calf. This will enable your kids to walk through fairly deep snow without moisture entering the boots. Ankle boots look good but they do not serve the purpose of keeping moisture away.

Non-Slip Sole: Buy snow boots for toddler boys with a heavy solid sole that can challenge the icy conditions. A heavy clompy boot might not look attractive but it’s really important if you want to keep your kids moving without falling or slipping.


Kids snow boots are necessary to be added in your kid’s footwear collection as they are lifesavers during winter. They are robust, solid and framed to keep your toddler’s feet dry and warm, coupled with the cozy fleece lining embedded in it. But how do you buy durable stylish and fitting snow boots for your kids? This looks confusing at times as snow boots are different from normal standard type boots. We will take a review and provide answers to most questions that run through your mind as you embark on the snow boot purchase for your kids.

You may experience challenges as to whether snow boots run small or big or to go for a much larger size so as to accommodate thick socks. Selecting the right boots can be challenging. However, this confusion is not needed. It is okay to stick to the size of your everyday boots . most snow boots are made to be easy to slip on because the boot upper sides along with its soles are made with hardened rubber. This maximizes waterproofing and protection from debris and hidden obstacles. They will possibly have a leather or waterproof textile collar for comfort , along with a neoprene. Generally, snow boots are made a little larger than your normal foot wear to enable you wear them comfortably.

This largely depends on the style of toddlers snow boots you choose. Zip up snow boots can’t be fit on the foot as lace ups or velcro fastening snow boots. Brands also differ . it is advisable your kid try the boots on with the socks you intend on him to wear if you are ordering the boy snow boots online.

Your toddlers snow boots should not have a loose fitting due to the change in how they walk when wearing snow boots. Over-sized snow boots will definite;y make your toddler to trip. Any additional unsteadiness is dangerous when it comes to winter weather. The maximum width gap should be one finger down the heel of the snow boots.

The style of toddler snow boots you buy largely determines this. Snow boots are generally made to be wider and of a comfortable fit making room for any kind of socks you want to wear. It is not necessary for you to buy larger boots for your toddler with the intention of having space to accommodate socks. Don’t size up the snow boots as frequent movement of the boot causes sores. This will help you understand the idea of the snow boot fit better and they will suit the shape of your toddlers foot.

There are various ways to know if your toddlers snow boots fits perfectly.

Check the heel space: Before raising your toddlers boots, push his feet forward and feel how much space is left around the heel. Your pinky finger should fit comfortably, if it doesn’t then your toddlers snow boots are too tight. If the space on it is much then you can consider going for a smaller size. The heel should also be in place when your kid rocks his feet up and down. If the heel is moving, it could cause blisters and make the kid uncomfortable while walking.

The Kick Test: Once your toddler is putting on the snow boots and it’s fastened securely, make him gently kick a wall. If his toes hit the end of the boot you will find out that they rub while He is walking. This means there is much space. You will have to check for a smaller one.

Toe Wriggling: Make your toddler stand up and wriggle his toes once you have fastened the kids snow boots on his feet. The toes should not feel pressure as well as the widest area of his feet. If there is pressure, then you might consider getting a wider fitting pair of snow boots for kids.

When choosing a boys snow boot for your toddler with narrow feet or for wider feet, try more to shop around vast range of different styles to select the one that fits perfectly. Make your kid walk around in each pair you put him on in order to know how comfortable he feels in each one. This ensures you can be confident that you bought a kids snow boot in which you kid will be comfortable in. It is always important that you know what you want and the type of style that will fir your kid. Following the fitting tips we have gone through in this article you will definitely be able to select the perfect toddler snow boots for your little man ,getting him set for the cozy weather, the ice and the rain. The toddlers snow boots can be worn in cold temperatures too even when its not snowing.


For a lovely evening walk alone, with the dog or to go shopping, your winter boots are the best, although snow boots and winter boots are easily confused they possess distinct features. However, it is good to know the purpose of footwear. While the toddler boys’ winter boots are not as heavy as the boy’s snow boots they are warm as well. Boys Snow Boots on the flip side are much heavier but the best fit when the beautiful snow becomes mush as its soles are lined with heavy grooved threads that ensures a firm grip on the snow and prevents falling on icy surfaces. They equally provide good ankle support. The toddler snow boots are better for wet conditions against toddler winter boots which are majorly made of sheepskin.


As the winter season approaches, there is a feeling of joy, laughter, and love that accompanies it. For kids, it spells playtime, snowmen, angels and hot chocolate. It is best to have a good idea of what to better equip yourself with and more so the kids, ranging from gloves to coats, sweaters, socks, and shoes in a bid to stay warm and avoid contracting any form of illness that could water down the fun that comes with winter. It is pertinent to be aware of diverse kinds of boys snow boots and for the kids in general for snow and winter seasons. A toddler boy’s winter boot should not be worn in place of snow boots for the kids as it could expose them to discomfort wearing heavy snow boots in winter could result in injuries when kids wear winter boots during snow which are not balanced for icy surfaces.

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